Fertilizer Price in Pakistan DAP, Urea, NPK, SOP

For farmers and other stakeholders, it is essential to comprehend the dynamics of Fertilizer Price in Pakistan changing agricultural landscape. This thorough guide seeks to offer insightful information on the costs of the many fertilizers that are offered on the Pakistani market. Fertilizers are essential for maintaining sustainable agriculture and increasing crop yields. Let’s first examine the importance of fertilizers in Pakistan’s agriculture industry before getting into precise pricing.

Pakistan’s GDP and jobs are heavily reliant on the agricultural sector. The Toda May 25, 2024 fertilizer price in pakistan daily update moreever in this sector Pakistan improves crop output and food security. Pakistani fertilizers provide critical nutrients to plants. Fertilizer price in Pakistan uses nitrogenous, phosphoric, and potash fertilizers. Urea, with its high nitrogen concentration and affordability, is the most extensively used nitrogenous fertilizer.

25 May 2024 Fertilizers Price in Pakistan

CAN and AMS are nitrogenous fertilizers. Phosphatic fertilizers like DAP, TSP, and SSP restore soil phosphate, which plants need for energy transmission. Potash fertilizers promote water retention, nutrient value, disease resistance, and crop output. Salutations to my fellow Pakistanis! We set out to investigate the dynamics of fertilizer prices in Pakistan for the year 2024 in this blog post. In agriculture, fertilizers are essential because they increase crop yield and food production in general. Come along as we examine the variables that affect fertilizer prices and offer insights into the state of fertilizer costs today. Read more: thermocol rates

Fertilizers are essential to agriculture because they promote crop development and guarantee the availability of food. Farmers and the economy as a whole are significantly impacted by fertilizer prices in Pakistan since agriculture is a major industry. In this extensive guide, we will examine the costs of some of the fertilizers that are most frequently used in Pakistan, including urea, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK), sulfate of potash (SOP), and diammonium phosphate (DAP).

Sona DAP Fertilizers Price in Pakistan Today

Pakistan’s fertilizer industry includes local and multinational companies. Fauji Fertiliser Company, Engro Fertilisers, Fatima Fertiliser, and others supply much of the nation’s fertilizer. Due to a paucity of raw materials, Pakistan imports Phosphatic and Potash fertilizers. Tractor Rates in pakistan

 Fertilizers Prices
Fertilizers Prices in Pakistan

Organic and biofertilizers are being used to enhance sustainable agriculture. These environmentally friendly options support sustainable farming, soil health, and less environmental impact. Fertilizers are crucial to Pakistan’s agricultural development and sustainability.

Local Market Khad Rate in Pakistan Today 2023 All Companies

Fertilisers are crucial to Pakistan’s agriculture. Each type of fertilizer replenishes soil nutrients, improving crop productivity and food security. The fertilizer sector, including local giants and multinational businesses, has responded well to increased demand, however, some types must be imported due to limited local resources.

  • Zabardast Urea: 5,450 Rs to 5,550 Rs
  • Sarsabz NP: 7,000 to 7,100 Rs
  • Engro DAP: 13,700 to 13,800 Rs
  • Sona DAP: 13,900 to 14,000 Rs
  • Sarsabz Can Gawara: 3,450 to 3,500 Rs
  • Zarkhez Plus: 9,100 to 9,200 Rs
  • Engro Urea: 4,150 to 4,200 Rs
  • FFC DAP: 13,500 to 13,600 Rs
  • Pak Arab Gawara: 3,300 to 3,350 Rs
  • Sona Urea: 4,150 to 4,200 Rs

Trends towards organic and biofertilizers show an increasing awareness of sustainable and ecologically friendly farming. Pakistan’s farming future is brighter as people realize the necessity of sustainable agriculture. As this sector evolves, balancing productivity, sustainability, and environmental responsibility becomes more crucial. To tackle these issues and promote Pakistan’s agriculture sector’s expansion and modernization, innovative fertilizer solutions must be developed and adopted.

Understanding the Price of Fertilizer

Fertilizers give crops vital minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to promote growth and output. The price of fertilizers has a direct impact on farmers’ input expenses.

Business Dynamics
Global market developments, currency exchange rates, supply and demand dynamics, and governmental policies all have an impact on fertilizer pricing. To understand price variations, it is essential to comprehend these elements.

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) Meaning of DAP
DAP is a well-known phosphatic fertilizer that is applied to crops to promote root growth and flowering. The cost is dependent on the price of phosphate rock globally.

Cost Trends
We will look at historical DAP price trends in Pakistan, emphasizing the variables that have influenced price variations.

How Important Urea Is

The most popular nitrogen fertilizer in Pakistan is urea. It is essential for fostering the growth of leaves and the general development of crops.

Pricing Elements
We will look into the production costs and government subsidies that affect urea prices.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium
NPK fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium mixtures that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of a given crop. Depending on the nutrients they contain, their prices vary.

Individualized Solutions
Understanding the adaptability of NPK fertilizers and how to optimize nutrient supply can be useful to farmers.

Price Control

The market is stabilized in part by governmental restrictions on fertilizer distribution and pricing.

How Many Fertilizer Companies are in Pakistan

  • List of fertilizer companies in Pakistan
  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC)
  • Engro Fertilizers Limited
  • Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited
  • Pak Arab Fertilizers
  • Agritech Limited
  • Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited

Pros of Fertilizers:

  1. Enhanced crop growth and yield.
  2. Improved soil fertility and nutrient balance.
  3. Increased nutrient availability to plants.
  4. Mitigation of nutrient deficiencies.
  5. Efficient and targeted nutrient delivery.

Cons of Fertilizers:

  1. Environmental pollution and water contamination risks.
  2. Soil degradation and dependency on fertilizers.
  3. Harmful impact on aquatic ecosystems.
  4. Production energy consumption and emissions.
  5. Potential health hazards due to improper use.


In conclusion, Pakistan’s agriculture sector, which is a major driver of the nation’s economy, is directly impacted by the price of fertilizer in the country. Numerous variables, such as the dynamics of the world fertilizer market, global commodity prices, exchange rates, and national agricultural policy, can have an impact on fertilizer costs.

Changing fertilizer costs have presented Pakistan with difficulties over the years, which may have an impact on farmers’ capacity to purchase and access these crucial agricultural inputs. To maintain fertilizer prices and assist farmers, the government has introduced interventions and subsidies. These regulations are designed to make sure that farmers buy fertilizers at reasonable prices to increase crop yields and food production.


  1. Why are fertilizer prices important for Pakistan’s agriculture sector?
    • Fertilizer prices directly impact the cost of farming, which, in turn, affects crop production and food security.
  2. How can farmers mitigate the impact of rising fertilizer prices?
    • Farmers can explore efficient nutrient management practices and government subsidy programs to offset rising fertilizer costs.
  3. Are there alternative, more affordable fertilizers available in Pakistan?
    • Some alternative organic fertilizers can be cost-effective, but their nutrient content may differ from chemical fertilizers.
  4. What role do global market trends play in fertilizer prices in Pakistan?
    • International factors like phosphate and potash prices influence the cost of imported fertilizers like DAP and SOP.
  5. How can I access the latest information on fertilizer prices in Pakistan?
    • You can find up-to-date fertilizer prices from government agencies, agricultural news sources, and local suppliers.

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