Heater Price in Pakistan

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our comprehensive guide to understanding the prices of heaters in Pakistan. In this thoughtful blog article, we will walk you through the various aspects that influence heater prices and assist you in making an informed decision regarding your home heating requirements.

Determine Your Heating Requirements

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the measurements of the area that you wish to heat. Take into account the total square footage of the room as well as the level of insulation that it possesses. An illustration might depict a room with dimensions, suggesting the requirement for a heater that is of an acceptable size.

Electric Heater Price in Pakistan

SpecificationsOriginal Price (PKR)Updated Price (PKR)
Hitachi Electric Room Heater 400W-800W12491299
NTN Plus Fish Electric Heater, 400W–800W10001050
NTN Plus Carbon Heater N-885534003450
Geepas Halogen Heater GRH950860006050
Gree Electric Heater, GEH-80070007050
Heater price in pakistan

Choose the Right Heater Type

Explore the many different kinds of heaters that are available, such as convection, radiant, and fan heaters. An image collage that depicts each type of heater could help readers visualise the distinctions between them and select the sort of heater that best meets their tastes.

Heater Price in Pakistan

Energy Efficiency Matters

It is important to emphasise the significance of energy efficiency. An image that depicts energy efficiency labels on heaters can assist readers in selecting an option that is both budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Fan heater prices in Pakistan 2024

SpecificationsOriginal Price (PKR)Updated Price (PKR)
Saachi Fan Heater SGH9527 with 2 Heat43004350
National Gold Fan Heater NG-786-27M 1000W-2000W52005250
Heager Electric Fan Heater FH06 1000W-2000W30003050
Geepas Fan Heater 1000W/2000W GFH953273007350
Geepas Fan Heater GFH-9556P1200012050

Consider Additional Features

Provide illustrations of a variety of extra capabilities, such as control of the thermostat, timer settings, and safety measures. A graphic representation that demonstrates these characteristics on a heater will assist readers in comprehending the functionality that is accessible.

Solar Water Heater prices in Pakistan

Tank Capacity (ltr)Original Price (PKR)Updated Price (PKR)

Check Online Marketplaces

You could encourage readers to look into online marketplaces in order to get competitive rates. An image of a person browsing a heater variety on a well-known e-commerce platform might be used to illustrate how convenient it is to shop online.

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In order to close the blog post on a positive note, it is a good idea to include a picture of a happy client with their new heater. This will help readers make an informed decision that is based on their tastes as well as their needs and budget.


1. How do I choose the right size of heater for my room?
To determine the appropriate size, consider the square footage and insulation of your room. Most heaters come with a sizing guide based on room dimensions, helping you select the ideal heater for effective heating.

2. What is the significance of energy efficiency in heaters?
Energy-efficient heaters not only reduce your environmental impact but also save you money on electricity bills. Look for heaters with energy labels, such as ENERGY STAR ratings, to ensure you choose a model that balances performance with energy conservation.

3. Are safety features important when selecting a heater?
Yes, safety features are crucial. Look for heaters with tip-over protection, overheat protection, and cool-to-touch exteriors to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of both adults and children. Always prioritize models with built-in safety mechanisms for worry-free operation.

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