Iron Rate in Pakistan All Sizes 2024

Iron rate Several factors affect Pakistan’s steel and Iron Price. Global market movements, raw material prices, supply-and-demand dynamics, operational expenses, and government policies are examples. Geopolitical conflicts and global economic downturns also affect the Iron rate in Pakistan.

25 May 2024 Iron Rate in Pakistan

Pakistan imports most of its steel, despite its output. Thus, international steel pricing and trade affect local steel prices. Import tariffs, exchange rates, and delivery expenses can substantially complicate steel prices. For everyone interested in Pakistan’s economy, understanding the steel rate is essential. It gauges building, manufacturing, and the economy. Read more: Lpg price in pakistan today ogra

You should consult reputable financial news outlets, reports on the commodities market, or, if possible, data provided by the government to obtain the most up-to-date and reliable information regarding iron prices. The information that these sources provide is continuously updated to take into account shifts in the market. thermocol ceiling sheet price in pakistan

Iron rate in Pakistan | Today iron rate in Pakistan

Many industries, including manufacturing and construction, are built on iron. For companies, builders, and anyone working in these fields in Pakistan, being aware of the iron price is essential. In this thorough guide, we will delve into the realm of Pakistani iron prices, investigating the variables that affect them and offering insightful advice for individuals navigating the iron market.

Latest Iron rate in Pakistan

Today Iron Rate Per Kg 

The price of steel in Pakistan is significantly influenced by movements in the global steel market. Changes in domestic steel pricing can result from fluctuations in global steel prices that are caused by supply and demand, trade policy, and geopolitical events.

/ Seria Size in Sutar and MMGrade 60 Rates in PKRGrade 40 Rates in PKR
3 Sutar – 10mm258256
4 Sutar – 12mm255254
5 Sutar – 16mm255254
6 Sutar – 20mm256254
7 Sutar – 22mm256254
8 Sutar – 25mm256254

The cost of basic commodities, such as steel and saria (reinforcement bars), is crucial to the building and industrial sectors in a developing country like Pakistan. For businesses, builders, and individuals alike, understanding the current steel rate is essential. This article explores the variables influencing steel prices in Pakistan, the current steel price per kg, and offers insights into the dynamics of the steel sector.

Seria Size in Sutar and MMGrade 60 Rates in PKRGrade 40 Rates in PKR
3 Sutar – 10mm257,900200,900
4 Sutar – 10mm255,900200,900
5 Sutar – 10mm255,900200,900
6 Sutar – 10mm255,900204,900
7 Sutar – 10mm256,900204,900
8 Sutar – 10mm256,900204,900

Pros or Iron :

Durability and Strength: Steel is great for heavy-load buildings due to its high tensile strength.

Maintenance: Steel constructions can survive decades.

Fire, wind, and water resistance make steel durable.

Steel is a sustainable construction material since it can be recycled indefinitely.

Consistency: Steel components are produced under controlled conditions, ensuring construction consistency and quality.

Speed: On-site assembly of prefabricated steel components speeds up construction.

Cons of Iron :

Cost: In times of strong demand or limited supply, steel can be expensive, raising project costs.

Corrosion: Steel corrodes with time, especially in salty or humid settings, requiring maintenance and replacement.

Heat Conductivity: Steel conducts heat easily, making uninsulated steel constructions less energy-efficient.

Fabrication Needs Energy: Steel is recyclable, but its production is energy-intensive and emits greenhouse gases.

Weight: Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, but its weight can be a problem in some structures, needing extensive foundational support.

Thermal Expansion: Steel expands and shrinks with temperature, which can damage various constructions if not regulated.

Most Popular Iron Companies in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation
  • Amreli Steels Limited
  • Agha Steel Industries
  • Abbas Steel Group
  • Model Steel Group
  • International Industries Limited
  • Ittefaq Group
  • Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited
  • Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited
  • Aisha Steel Mills Limited


Overall, steel rates affect a nation’s economy. The price of steel affects several industries, from construction to automation. Steel price fluctuations can affect industrial expenses and product prices. Steel prices affect economic growth in countries like Pakistan, where infrastructure development is key. The Steel prices affect construction projects, real estate, and the economy.


  1. How can I keep track of the latest iron prices in Pakistan?
    • You can check with local iron suppliers, visit industry-related websites, or refer to trade publications for up-to-date prices.
  2. Is the quality of imported iron different from locally sourced iron?
    • Quality can vary, so it’s important to conduct quality checks and work with reputable suppliers.
  3. Are there government incentives for using specific types of iron in construction projects?
    • Government incentives may exist for promoting certain types of iron, so it’s advisable to check with local authorities or industry associations.
  4. What impact does the global iron market have on prices in Pakistan?
    • Global market trends, especially demand from major iron-consuming countries, can influence iron prices in Pakistan.
  5. Are there any sustainable practices in the iron industry to consider?
    • Yes, sustainable sourcing and recycling of iron are becoming more important in the industry to reduce environmental impact.

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