Latest Diesel Price in Pakistan 2024

Diesel fuel powers Pakistan’s industrial and transport expansion, a developing nation. Diesel Price in Pakistan 293 PKR 19 rupees decrease price of diesel. The main key energy source, affects transportation, industrial, agriculture, and power generation. Latest Diesel rates are heavily effected by domestic taxation. Diesel prices change as the government adjusts taxes and levies to manage its fiscal imbalance or inflation. Today Diesel prices are further depend upon refining costs. Due to its widespread use and direct impact on goods and services, diesel prices in Pakistan are important. Understanding the complex dynamics affecting diesel pricing is crucial as the country grows economically. Read: Petrol Price

PSO and Ogra Diesel rate in Pakistan today 2024

Diesel price in Pakistan today 16 August 2023

Diesel Price in Pakistan Today

DateOld PriceNew Price
16 August 2023 273.40293.40
1 August 2023 250273


In conclusion, diesel prices in Pakistan are affected by many factors both inside and outside of the country. This makes them a key economic sign. Global crude oil prices, foreign exchange rates, government tax policies, and the way supply and demand work in the United States all have a big impact on how much diesel costs. If the price of diesel goes up or down, it can have a big effect on the economy as a whole, the prices of goods and services, and the way people live.

Pakistan must carefully monitor and control these elements to reduce price volatility. Strategic energy efficiency, economic resilience, and alternative energy activities will be vital as the country develops. Pakistan can diversify its energy portfolio and reduce its dependence on imported fuels to stabilize energy prices and support sustainable economic growth. This long-term project starts with diesel pricing. Iron rate 

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