Today LPG Gas Rate in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan relies on Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Rate for domestic and commercial consumption. LPG, a cleaner and more effective alternative to wood and coal, is essential in areas without natural gas. Since LPG prices affect energy security, economic activity, and millions of Pakistanis’ everyday lives, consumers, businesses, and governments closely monitor them.

25 May 2024 LPG Gas Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s LPG prices depend on many international and domestic factors. Global propane and butane prices determine LPG Rates worldwide. Global demand and supply, geopolitics, and major LPG-producing countries’ policies affect these costs. Since LPG is traded mostly in US Dollars, the foreign currency rate, notably the Pakistani Rupee to US Dollar ratio, also affects LPG costs.

LPG price in Pakistan today

Government restrictions, taxes, and levies influence LPG rate domestically. These measures might affect LPG affordability by fluctuating prices. Bottling, distribution, marketing, and supply-demand trends affect LPG prices. Understanding LPG pricing patterns is important because LPG is widely used in Pakistan and is a major energy source. LPG pricing and role will remain important as the nation faces energy security and economic development problems.

LPG Price in Pakistan today

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LPG Gas Rate in Pakistan

LPG per KG 260
LPG Price 12 KG Home Cylinder2900
LPG Price 45 KG Commercial Cylinder10,500


To summarize, LPG pricing in Pakistan involves many foreign and domestic elements. Global propane and butane prices, international exchange rates, national taxes and regulatory laws, and domestic supply-demand dynamics determine the LPG rate. LPG Gas is used in many sectors and households, especially in places without natural gas, therefore price difference affect economic activity, energy security, and more Pakistanis’ everyday life. You May Also Know: Petrol Price

LPG pricing must be harmonized between population demands, international energy market realities, and the country’s prices and energy policy goals. Diversifying energy sources, increasing domestic output, and enacting supportive policies can help Pakistan enhance energy security and cost. Read more: Cement Rate Today

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