My Telenor Quiz Today 8 November 2023

If you get the Telenor quiz Today answer Staying informed and connected is crucial in this digital age, and there’s no better way to accomplish it than by taking an engaging quiz like the Today My Telenor Quiz. Take a trip around the world of Telenor quiz answers today with this article, which offers information on how to play, the advantages, daily prizes, success strategies, and much more.

My Telenor App Today Questions and Answers 8 November 2023

One of the top telecom companies, Telenor, offers a daily trivia challenge called the Telenor daily quiz answers today. It’s made to keep users interested and entertained while also giving them incentives and useful information.

Question 1:  Which of the following country has hosted the ICC World Cup most times?

Mary Shelley
Harry Potter

Question 2: In what city of England would you find Edgbaston Stadium?


Question 3: Who is the youngest player in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

Noor Ahmad

Question 4: How many overs are there in World Cup cricket?

Star Wars

Question 5: What is the primary material used for making cricket bats?

Buck Rogers
Willow Woods

How To Download and Install My Telenor App?

  • Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Search for “My Telenor.”
  • Find the official My Telenor app.
  • Install the app.
  • Review and accept permissions.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Open the My Telenor app.
  • Sign in or register for an account.
  • Set up and use the app for account management.


How can I get to the My Telenor Quiz?
You can visit their website or download the My Telenor app to take the quiz.

What prizes are up for grabs?
Free minutes, data, or other interesting presents are up for grabs.

Is everyone finding the quiz difficult?
A3: A variety of simple and difficult questions are included in the quiz to accommodate varying levels of knowledge.

Can I take the quiz more than once each day?
The questions on the quiz are updated every day, and you can take it once.

Is there more than one language available for the My Telenor Quiz?
To serve a broad audience, the quiz is offered in multiple languages.


In summary, the My Telenor Quiz is an interesting and educational experience that tests your knowledge and curiosities. It’s more than just a game. You may win amazing prizes and develop your thinking by taking part every day. So why hold off? Take the My Telenor Quiz now to challenge yourself and get started!