Nintendo Switch Price in Pakistan 2024

The Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the gaming industry with its adaptable console. You’re in the right place if you’re interested in buying this gaming device and are in Pakistan. We will delve into the world of Nintendo Switch prices in Pakistan in this extensive guide, giving you important insights and knowledge to help you decide.

The Nintendo Switch price depends on user needs. In a video game system created by Nintendo that is renowned for its unique design that enables fluid switching between handheld and conventional console gaming modes. It offers a variety of gaming experiences and is a favorite among players of all ages.

Understanding the Factors Affecting Nintendo Switch and Pricing in Pakistan

We must take into account some influencing aspects to fully understand Nintendo Switch’s cost in Pakistan. Let’s examine these elements in greater depth.

Models and Variants
Nintendo Switch Standard Model: The entry-level model, which provides a variety of gaming possibilities, typically costs between PKR 55,000 and PKR 65,000 for the console alone, with bundles (the console plus a game) costing between PKR 70,000 and PKR 80,000.

Nintendo Switch Lite:
The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more portable and reasonably priced choice, with prices ranging from PKR 45,000 to PKR 55,000 for bundles and PKR 35,000 to PKR 45,000 for the console alone.

Nintendo switch price

Nintendo Switch OLED Model: 

Nintendo Switch OLED Model: The latest addition to the lineup, the OLED model, provides enhanced visuals and typically costs between PKR 80,000 to PKR 90,000 for the console alone, with bundles ranging from PKR 95,000 to PKR 105,000.

Game packages:
Popular game bundles for the Nintendo Switch are frequently available from retailers. When compared to buying the console and games separately, some bundles may provide superior value.

Take into account additional expenditures for Nintendo Switch accessories like controllers, docking stations, and protective cases, which might raise the overall cost of ownership.

Supply and Demand:
Pricing is affected by market factors. Prices may increase during times of strong demand, such as during the holiday season or special promotions. On the other hand, during sales events, you could find discounts.

Nintendo Switch games price in Pakistan

Nintendo Switch ModelConsole Only (PKR)Bundles (Console + Game) (PKR)
Nintendo Switch Standard Model55,000 – 65,00070,000 – 80,000
Nintendo Switch Lite35,000 – 45,00045,000 – 55,000
Nintendo Switch OLED Model80,000 – 90,00095,000 – 105,000
Nintendo Switch price

What stores sell the Nintendo Switch in Pakistan?

You have a variety of alternatives when purchasing a Nintendo Switch in Pakistan:

Retailers of video games: Look for local Nintendo-authorized stores or gaming-specific specialty stores.
Online marketplaces: Look through listings for Nintendo Switch on sites like Daraz, Amazon, or OLX.
Check to see whether there is a Nintendo official web store for direct purchases in Pakistan.

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Are games for the Nintendo Switch region locked?

The majority of Nintendo Switch games are not region-locked, giving players the option to play titles from many countries.

Is a Nintendo Switch Online membership required to play online?

A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is necessary to play online with others and to access a collection of vintage NES and SNES games.

In Pakistan, can I connect my Nintendo Switch to any TV?

You can use the included dock to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV as long as it has an HDMI port.

Are there any exciting forthcoming Nintendo Switch game releases?

Nintendo updates its library of Switch games frequently. Follow Nintendo’s official announcements for forthcoming game releases to stay informed.


A variety of gaming activities are accessible to Pakistanis who purchase a Nintendo Switch. You may confidently start your gaming journey by being aware of the elements affecting Nintendo Switch costs and knowing where to make your buy.

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