Loader and Tez Raftar Rickshaw Prices in Pakistan 2024

In many nations, especially in Pakistan, rickshaws are a typical means of transportation. They are available in a variety of models and styles, normal price loader rickshaw prices in Pakistan are 400,000 to 700,000 and their names can change depending on regional brands, producers, or particular customizations. I advise checking with regional sources, news articles, or internet resources that offer information about transportation and regional developments in the area you’re interested in if “Tez Raftar” is a more recent or localized term relating to loader rickshaw.

CNG rickshaw price in Pakistan – Tez Raftar Rickshaw

In Pakistan, the movement of people and products across the nation depends heavily on the transportation sector. Loaders and Tez Raftar rickshaws have become popular among the many means of transportation because of their effectiveness and affordability. This essay will examine the costs of loaders and Tez Raftar rickshaws in Pakistan as well as the benefits they provide and the variables that affect their prices.

rickshaw price in pakistan
rickshaw price in pakistan

Please bear in mind that these prices are approximations and could have changed as a result of market demand and inflation, among other things. It is advised to speak with local dealers or go to the official websites of the relevant manufacturers or distributors in Pakistan for the most current and recent rates.

ModelEngine Price in PKR
Sixer Tanga200 CC434,000
Pickup200 CC4,88,000
Sixer 200 CC435,000
Pickup For School VAN200 CC4,65,000
Face 2 Face F2F200 CC4,30,000
Supreme200 CC4,48,00
Deca200 CC448,000

The many models and sizes of loader rickshaws, which are frequently used to move goods and freight, are available. In Pakistan, the cost of a loader rickshaw varies according on its brand, capacity, and features. A standard loader rickshaw costs between PKR 150,000 and PKR 500,000 as of 2023. Prices, however, might increase for larger or models with additional features.

loader rickshaw price in pakistan
loader rickshaw price in pakistan

Tez Raftar Bike Loader Price List 2024

Loader rickshaw weight capacity depends on design and build quality. Depending on model and structure, loader rickshaws may carry 500–1000 pounds.

Hercules 150 cc240,000
Basic150 cc2,50000
Damping200 CC350,000
Boooster200 CC300,000
Basic200 CC2,90,000
loader rickshaw 200cc price in Pakistan 2023

What does a loader rickshaw do in Pakistan, and what is its use?

A three-wheeled rickshaw with a larger cargo bed for transporting goods. Loader rickshaws let companies move items quickly and cheaply in both urban and rural Pakistan.

What kind of loader rickshaw can typically carry?

A loader rickshaw’s weight capacity can differ according to its design, level of construction, and manufacturer. According to their specs, loader rickshaws in Pakistan can often carry cargo weighing somewhere between 500 and 1,000 kilos.

What kind of gasoline is available in Pakistan for loader rickshaws?

In Pakistan, compressed natural gas (CNG) and gasoline (petrol) are the two fuels most commonly used by loader rickshaws. While CNG-powered versions are preferred for their affordability and reduced pollution, gasoline-powered loader rickshaws are prevalent and get respectable mileage.

In Pakistan, are there any laws governing loading rickshaws?

Yes, there are rules and regulations in Pakistan for loading rickshaws. To operate legally and safely, owners and operators must make sure their loader rickshaws adhere to certain rules.

In Pakistan, what is the general pricing range of loader rickshaws?

In Pakistan, the cost of loader rickshaws might vary according on the brand, model, amenities, and load capacity. The cost of a basic loader rickshaw could start at about PKR 300,000 to 500,000 or more as per my most recent update in August 2023. Read More: Electric Bike Price

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