Latest Sand Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, sand is the cornerstone of construction, forming the fundamental framework of many constructions, from lofty skyscrapers to modest homes. The complexities of Sand Price Pakistan and rates in Pakistan are thoroughly explored in this extensive guide. We’ll study the numerous varieties of sand that are available, look at current market trends, and reveal the complex elements that influence these prices.

25 May 2024 Sand Rate in Pakistan

No matter if you’re a homeowner, developer, or builder, it’s critical to comprehend the dynamics of sand pricing. Come along with us as we unravel the fundamental components of Pakistan’s construction expenses, one grain at a time.

Sand TypeRate Per Cubic Foot
Sand ChenabRs. 63
Sand RaviRs. 43
LawrencepurRs. 103
Sand GhaziRs. 110
sand rate in Pakistan today 2023

Sand is an essential component of the construction industry and is used in a variety of processes, such as the creation of concrete, plastering, and landscaping. Any building project’s budget must take into account its pricing. See More: Steel rates in Pakistan per KG

Sand Price Pakistan 

The significance of good sand

The strength and longevity of structures can be dramatically impacted by selecting the proper kind and grade of sand. Sand of poor quality might cause structural problems and raise maintenance expenses.

Sand Types in Pakistan:

River Sand:
Traditional builders have used river sand because of its high caliber. However, because of regulations and environmental concerns, it has become more rare.

Sand and Crushed Stone:
Hard stones are crushed to create crushed stone sand, which is a more affordable option than river sand.

Desert Sand:
Despite being plentiful, desert sand has poor binding qualities and rounded grains, making it unsuitable for construction.


Budgets for construction in Pakistan must take the cost of sand into consideration. Sand Price Pakistan can be impacted by elements like seasonal volatility, shipping expenses, governmental regulations, and sand quality. Construction projects can be made successful by keeping up with industry trends and choosing sustainable sand solutions.


Why is crushed stone sand cheaper than river sand?

River sand is prized for its high caliber, but its rarity and shipping expenses drive up the cost.

 Does Pakistan’s government have any rules governing sand prices?

There are no set pricing restrictions, but government policies on sand mining and trading may affect costs and supply.

 Can desert sand be used for building?

No, due to its rounded grains and subpar binding qualities, desert sand is not advised for construction.

 How can I check the sand’s quality before buying it?

Verify the sand’s appropriateness for building by conducting tests for its quality, such as silt content testing and particle size analyses.

Are there any environmentally friendly substitutes for river sand?

A more affordable and easily accessible sustainable alternative to river sand is crushed stone sand.

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