Steel Rate Today Per Kg in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan’s steel industry is a pillar of the country’s economic growth since it supplies the necessary raw materials for the industrial, construction, and infrastructure sectors. It is crucial to comprehend the current steel rate today because it has a direct impact on many different sectors and projects across the nation. Welcome to our educational guide on tracking and comprehending today’s steel rates per kilogram, fellow Pakistanis. We’ll take you through how to keep up to date on steel prices in this post, along with some important life lessons that you may learn from it. Now let’s get started!

Find a reliable source for up-to-date steel prices first. This could be a trustworthy mobile app, a specialized steel market platform, or even a respectable website that provides financial news. The cost of various steel varieties varies. Select the particular grade of steel that interests you, be it mild steel, stainless steel, or another type.

25 May 2024 Steel Price in Pakistan

According to the most recent data available, Pakistan’s today steel rate is a result of a complicated interplay between domestic and international forces. The cost of erecting high-rise structures and producing automobile parts are both impacted by this rate, which varies depending on the type and quality of steel rate in Pakistan.

steel price
steel price in Pakistan

Steel has been in high demand in Pakistan as a result of large-scale infrastructure-building initiatives, urbanization, and expansion in the construction industry. Due to the increase in demand, there is now a strong emphasis on monitoring and analyzing steel pricing to make sure they are competitive and sustainable for the expansion of the country’s economy. Read more: Iron Price in pakistan

Seria Size in Sutar and MMGrade 60 Rates in PKRGrade 40 Rates in PKR
3 Sutar – 10mm257,900256,900
4 Sutar – 10mm255,900254,900
5 Sutar – 10mm255,900254,900
6 Sutar – 10mm255,900254,900
7 Sutar – 10mm256,900254,900
8 Sutar – 10mm256,900254,900
today steel price in Pakistan 2024

You can set up price alerts for the steel grade you’ve chosen on a lot of platforms. Make use of this feature to get alerts when the steel rate hits the threshold you’ve set. Take into account outside variables that could affect steel prices, such as world economic situations, political developments, or industry trends. Keep yourself informed to foresee future developments.

Here is a list of some steel mills in Pakistan:

  1. Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation
  2. Amreli Steels Limited / amreli steel rate today
  3. Agha Steel Industries
  4. Abbas Steel Group
  5. Model Steel Group
  6. International Industries Limited
  7. Ittefaq Group
  8. Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited
  9. Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited
  10. Aisha Steel Mills Limited
  11. Bilal Steel Mills
  12. Hadeed Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
  13. Fazal Steel Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Crescent Steel and Allied Products Ltd.
  15. Lahore Steel
  16. Falcon Steel
  17. Zubair Steel Mills
  18. Majeed Steels
  19. Hussain Mills Limited
  20. Naveena Group of Industries
  21. Ittehad steel rates today


The current steel price in Pakistan is a result of a complex interaction of domestic and international forces. Businesses and sectors dependent on steel must keep up with these aspects and adjust their strategy as necessary. While accurately predicting future steel prices is difficult, stakeholders can make more informed choices by being aware of the major influences.

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