Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 All Companies

Pakistani tractor prices vary on brand, model, engine power, amenities, and attachments. Pakistan’s tractor market includes local and foreign brands, with Millat Tractors and Al-Ghazi Tractors leading the way. Due to exorbitant costs, many farmers use bank loans or government subsidies. The Pakistani Tractor Price government has created many programmers to help farmers buy tractors. Many brands offer warranties, maintenance, and after-sales services, which can influence a purchase.

Currency fluctuations, tractor price in Pakistan import fees, and supply and demand might affect prices, so it’s best to check with local dealerships or manufacturers. The farm’s needs, operation costs, and tractor reliability and durability should also be considered while choosing a tractor. LPG rate

Tractor Price in Pakistan

New Al Ghazi Tractor Price List

The use of tractors in modern agriculture has revolutionized how farmers operate and greatly increased production. Price is one of several factors to be taken into account when deciding whether to purchase a tractor, though. Farmers may obtain the best return on their investment and make well-informed decisions by being aware of the elements that affect tractor costs. See more: Loader Price

fiat tractor price in pakistan today 2023
Tractor NamePrices PKR
fiat 480 price in Pakistan Price 55 HP20,23,00
NH 480 Power Steering 55 HP21,00’000
NH 640 75 HP30,81,000
NH Ghazi 65 HP23,50,000
NH Dabung 85 HP31,79,000
NH 70-65 4WD 85 HP4,27,7000
Al Ghazi Tractor rate list

Latest Millat Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 All Models

An important player in the farming industry for many years, Millat Tractor Price is a well-known producer of agricultural machinery. The business was founded in Pakistan and has built a solid reputation for creating tractors of the highest caliber to meet the various demands of farmers. Farmers can choose the best tractor model based on their unique needs from a variety of models offered by millet tractors share price that varies in power, capacity, and amenities. The company’s tractors are made to improve efficiency and production in the fields and meet the demands of contemporary agriculture.

Millat Tractor Price
Tractors Name / ModelsPrice In PKR
Massey 240 price in pakistan 50 HP20,19,000
MF 260 Special Edition Price 50 HP23,91,000
MF 260 Price 60 HP23,49,000
MF 360 Price 60 HP24,79,000
MF 360 Price 4WD 60 HP35,15,000
MF 375 Price 75 HP31,10,000
Millat Tractor price 38532,11,000
MF 385 4 WD Price 85 HP42,80,000
millat tractors share price

Bull Power Tractor Price List 2023

ModelsPrices PKR
Bull Power 549 Price 50 HP19,20,000
Bull Power 549s Price 50 HP21,20,000
Bull Power 565 Price 60 HP22,35,000
Bull Power 565s Price 60 HP25,30,000
Bull Power 577 Price 76 HP Tire Size 16“””
Bull Power 577 Price 76 HP Tire Size 18“””
Bull Power 585 Price 85 HP40,76,000

New Tractors Prices in Pakistan 2024 MF, NH, MTL, AGTL, IMT, and Belarus

Farmers can buy this vital equipment using loans and subsidies from the Pakistani government and many financial organizations. Thus, prices are significant, but durability, efficiency, service, and appropriateness to farming demands are also vital. Pakistan’s agriculture sector will continue to flourish with tractors. thermocol price

Here is a list of tractor companies in Pakistan:

Certainly, here is a list of tractor companies in Pakistan:

  • Millat Tractors Limited
  • Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited
  • Fiat Tractors (Pakistan) Limited
  • Pakistani Tractors (Pvt.) Limited
  • Bukhsh International
  • Master Motors Corporation
  • Hafeez Agri Tractors
  • IMT Tractors


In conclusion, Pakistan is home to a number of illustrious tractor companies that produce, assemble, and distribute tractors, all of which support the agricultural industry. The industry supplies farmers with necessary equipment to boost productivity and efficiency, which is vital for the nation’s agriculture. The partnership with foreign companies highlights even more how global Pakistan’s tractor manufacturing industry is. These businesses’ ongoing contributions and developments are essential to the nation’s agricultural sector’s expansion and modernization.

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