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In Pakistan, UV sheet also known as ultraviolet sheets have grown in popularity as a flexible and long-lasting roofing material. These UV Sheet Prices are normal or made to survive the severe weather and sun that are common in the area. In this post, we’ll examine UV sheet pricing in Pakistan and look into its benefits, varieties, uses, and other factors. Greetings, Pakistani readers, and welcome to our in-depth examination of UV sheets and their costs in the present market. UV sheets’ adaptability and durability have made them a popular option for a wide range of applications. We will examine the salient points of UV sheets in this blog post, including their features, uses, and—above all—their cost in Pakistan. Let’s set out on this educational adventure.

25 May 2024 UV Sheet Price in Pakistan

These sheets are renowned for their resilience to UV rays and durability, which makes them perfect for the country’s hot temperature. They are commonly utilized for many different things, including the roofing of residential buildings, greenhouses, and commercial structures. UV sheets are multipurpose plastic sheets covered in a layer of protection that shields them from the damaging effects of UV radiation. These sheets are used in many different industries, including advertising, signage, and construction. UV sheets are becoming more and more popular because of their many uses. Because of their robustness and brilliant printing qualities, they are frequently utilized in interior design, outdoor signage, and even promotional materials. Read more: Plywood doors rate

uv sheet rate
UV Sheet TypeSizePrice in PKR
UV High Glass Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 9600
Lamination Chip Board8×4 FeetRs. 2950
MDF UV Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 4550
Modern Kitchen UV Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 10000
Super Gloss Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 1600
Wardrobe UV Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 6700
Light UV Sheet8×4 FeetRs. 5300
UV Sheet rate in Pakistan 2023

Types of UV Sheets:

There are several types of UV sheets available, each serving a particular purpose:

UV Sheets made of polycarbonate:
High impact resistance and great light transmission are two characteristics of polycarbonate UV sheets. They are frequently employed for skylights and roofing.

UV-PVC Sheets:
PVC UV sheets are versatile and reasonably priced. They are frequently employed for exterior covers and do-it-yourself applications.

Advantages of UV sheet:

  • Excellent UV Resistance: UV sheets have a high level of resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays’ damaging effects, which makes them perfect for outdoor applications.
  • Durability: They are renowned for their excellent endurance and durability, as well as their capacity to tolerate severe weather.
  • Low Maintenance: UV sheets only need occasional cleaning, which saves time and effort on maintenance.
  • They are adaptable and useful for a range of uses, such as roofing, skylights, and outdoor coverings.
  • Lightweight: UV sheets are thin, which makes them simple to install and handle.

Disvantages of UV sheet:

  • Cost: Upfront costs for higher-quality UV sheets can be high.
  • They might not provide as much insulation as some other roofing materials do.
  • Fragility: If UV sheets are not handled carefully during installation or maintenance, they may be vulnerable to harm.
  • They can make noise during periods of heavy rain, which could be a problem in particular circumstances.
  • Aesthetics: Compared to conventional roofing materials, UV sheets may not be as appealing to some individuals in terms of aesthetics.


UV sheets’ durability, UV resistance, and low maintenance requirements have changed roofing and covering options in Pakistan. You may make a decision that improves the appearance and use of your outdoor spaces by being aware of the variables influencing UV sheet pricing and taking into account your unique requirements.

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